nuTravel employs HTML5 features in development of mobile trip manager

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August 10, 2011 – Port Chester, New York – nuTravel Technology Solutions – purveyor of corporate online booking tool nuTravel CTS – has announced the integration of HTML5 functionality in its soon-to-be-released product for mobile devices.

The new offering – CTS Mobile – will allow business travelers and travel managers to access their data while leveraging advanced functionality without the need to download and install a native mobile application.

“We want to make the business travel process as quick and easy as possible for our customers,” commented nuTravel president and CEO Carmine Carpanzano. “With HTML5, users will have instant access to the most up-to-date itinerary that can viewed online or offline. This new functionality provides our users the mobile access and mobile security measures without ever having to download anything.”

Geared mainly for smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) and tablet devices (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, etc.), CTS Mobile will initially offer travelers’ fast access to their itineraries – including robust content sharing, rich media and navigational tools –  profile information and travel preferences. Moving forward, nuTravel plans to roll out the ability to shop and book flights, hotels, cars and more in its Q1 2012 release.

“The business travel landscape is changing as such that travelers and travel managers not only want but need their mobile devices to do everything a desktop or laptop can do,” noted Carpanzano. “We are excited to offer this level of service to our customers.”

CTS Mobile follows nuTravel’s mantra that customers should have the freedom to use the tools they want, how they want. With HTML5, users can enjoy the freedom of a mobile-ready interface customized for multiple devices and mobile operating systems without the needs for downloads, updates or other OS-specific hurdles.

Instead of developing separate tools, nuTravel can focus its development on building upon already-robust, cross-platform functionality – providing an agile method to deliver advanced enhancements to consumers without limitation.

“nuTravel believes in providing a complete solution that is universally customizable,” added Carpanzano. “Our HTML5 development supports that ideal, as it allows us to add more features, updates and enhancements without becoming cumbersome for our users.”

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